Thursday, May 19, 2011

off site

today i learned how to master the arthouse website a little bit more. although slightly gratifying, i would rather spend my time looking at videos of artists i want to show and contemplating my first exhibition i'll put on at arthouse this summer. i just for the first time was introduced to these dutch twins who are anorexic and act as one person. i think it is ok that is creeps me out.

i plan to read faust this summer.

i recently traveled to boston to groton back to boston back to austin for my ten year high school reunion. we looked at each other, all of us, in a tent, outside of a tent, in a hotel, in our cars, and we saw what made each of us glorious individuals. at least i did. honestly, my life without groton would seem a bizarre undertaking that i want nothing to do with. however strong and motivated i may be, i credit a bit to my parents, and most of it to my people at groton. it felt slightly strange to be back but also perfectly wonderful and i would not trade anything for that one day one night and that cheeseburger club this past weekend.

i plan to read a lot this summer.