Saturday, January 30, 2010

shakespeare's sister

i found this on the blog of the girl who wants to go to berlin.
i am reading david harvey articles instead of blogs today.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ready steady

last night i had the pleasure of receiving one of the best compliments of my life from one of my favorite people ever. aliza morell says, "your problem is that too many people love you and i am included in that." oh aliza! how i love you sooooo.

aliza's work is rocking my socks off lately. she was in my show at dcp in october and i've always envied her drive to create. these new scenes she is doing in her series walking at night are beautiful. she is trly able to capture the perfect light of the chicago streetlights that dot her neighborhood. she is one of a kind.

Monday, January 25, 2010

we're going to be friends

but when? can we be best friends? i found this image on a blog of a girl who apparently also wants to get to berlin and she's never been either. maybe we are destined to be roommates there. she seems cute.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

satorialist style

carmen, our own satorialist.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

team work

last night, brianne and i took the 44 bus to the inner richmond to have dinner at one of our favorite places. we spent 2 hours in the bar nearby chatting and laughing and intensely discussing our respective lives over some beers. but, before we got there, we sat on the bus and suddenly 10 teenage boys clambered on and sat in the back with us. they were loud and laughing, cussing and cute, and after about one and a half minutes, brianne and i felt more awkward and out of place than we probably ever have before. she said teenagers scare me. and they were slightly scary, but these boys, with their baseball caps and skateboard sneakers took our breath away. we tried not to stare or listen but it was impossible. they made jokes and tried to talk to us toward the end of our journey. we laughed, giggled, and were transported back to the world of junior high where we first met and bonded over thomas and peter and mike valentine, the heartthrobs of our 6th grade class. oh michael valentine! how we both lusted after you and only brianne ever got a kiss. seems like yesterday when i get to spend hours with brianne shooting the shit and talking about our families. but really, she has and always will, give me some of the best advice and always know how to make me laugh so hard that my face hurts afterward. and that is all you can ever ask of your best friend. 17 years and counting...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

among dreams and strange fires

can someone tell me when your dreams have seeped into your reality? i went to bed thinking about a certain thing and immediately upon waking from this very vivid dream, i realised, that could still happen. minus the fact that the dream was based in the house i grew up in or that my entire family, ok not entire but part (mom, dad, kate, carrie, and i) were frolicking around picking giant amounts of fruit off the trees in the front of the house. lets just think about how this house was in new jersey and no trees in the front yard bore fruit. but somehow, there were giant oranges and small clementines and lemons everywhere. it was super odd and for some reason, my father was super into it. it definitely confused me when i awoke as my father is not super into anything like that. he reads novels on war and watches tons of sports, but if i ever see him pick a lemon off a tree giddily, i might faint. or i guess i would be dreaming. some of the rest is foggy, but not the part where a very good friend of mine shows me something i utterly dread. and this is not to be shared with the world, but it made me think of how much i dread not knowing what the future has in store for me. today, i will speak to a man on the phone about my future and although this seems like some sort of call-in psychic, its really just a man who shares my passion about art. so, hopefully that dread will be somewhat lifted, but more than anything, i hate waking up in a panic and thinking did that really happen.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

a brand new start

the first thing i'll do when my life is more settled is adopt a greyhound. no ifs, ands, or butts.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

au revoir & bon jour

gabriel orozco an island within an island

i have left nyc once again, but i remain as attached as ever.
my future is unclear, but my present is set. today i write about orozco. tomorrow i write about detroit. friday i write about urban farming.

oh the joys!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

enigmatic combat

i suppose its official that 2009 is over. i am not sad, nor am i happy. well, not extra happy. i am only thinking about the future. i will state on this blog that there will be no more dwelling on the past. it is over and done with. only present and future minded thoughts will present themselves here. this is a place for the future and the present. i will say i had a lovely new years eve until i passed out a 12:10am. i drank a few too many strong pennsylvania beers. they were delicious. i smoked only two cigarettes. i kissed one boy.

as for this new year, the 20x, i suppose it will be business as usual for part and new business for the other part. anyone want to give me a job? i prefer anywhere that stays over 60 degrees most days. but that is arbitrary and only due to the coldness of the past few days. i have decided that i would like to own a house sooner rather than later and perhaps this job can help me achieve this goal. my other resolutions have to do with flossing daily and standing up straight. spending less money on unwarranted purchases and doing my work on time. being less judgmental and creating more. ok, that should be enough. oh, and i do want to swim more. now, enough.

i suppose all these things can be accomplished and i am already on the way to half of them by just knowing them. and i have flossed a lot in the past 2 weeks.