Thursday, April 29, 2010

the morning after

once again. grabbing on to whatever i can.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

i'll be your blackbird, hanging on your telephone wire.

the day yesterday was a wash of sunshine and grass stains.
in every moment that passed, i thought of the future and the present simultaneously.
i thought of glass walls that forgave appearances and the feet of dogs as they jumped gloriously.
i thought of the ease that comes with bicycle baskets and the feeling of nails on my back scratching.

tonight, i sit in my second bedroom staring at the endless summer.
the air is fresh mixed with stale, and i have the urge to run outside yelling.
lightning bugs are on my mind along with the ease of slip on sneakers and the taste of honey.
my hands smell like grill and summer and hazy sunshine and saliva.
all alone for a moment that really is 3 hours and my arms are open and my mind is clean.
clean until the summer-ness disappears into the fog and the rains come back.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

louis kahn, anon

dream house

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Fresh Look: Observations on Artistic and Social Practices in Urban Farming

A Fresh Look:

Observations on Artistic and Social Practices in Urban Farming

Project Launch, Underground Market and Panel Discussion

On April 27, 2010 the Thesis II MA Collaborative Class hosts a book and website release event at the SFAI Chestnut Street campus. The event kicks off with an underground market presented by forageSF, and music by blues guitarist David Jacobs-Strain. Become a member and buy tasty treats from forageSF that include homemade baked goods, raw chocolate, raw honey, jams, jellies and marmalades, pickles, gumbo, quiche, kombucha, and more. Following the market MA Collaborative members will speak briefly about the culmination of their yearlong project examining various aspects of urban farming. Next is a panel discussion about the state of urban farming, peer to peer networks and food policy that will feature artist, educator and author Ted Purves, David Burns from the LA-based art Fallen Fruit Collective, and Gavin Raders and Heleh Zandi of Oakland’s Planting Justice. Capping the evening is a reception with homemade desserts and beverages from Frey Vineyards and Trumer Pils.

This celebratory event marks the launch of A Fresh Look: Observations on Artistic and Social Practices in Urban Farming, a publication and website. The project is the collaborative effort of the second year MA students in Exhibition and Museum Studies, History and Theory of Contemporary Art, and Urban Studies departments, and critically examines the intersection(s) of creative and social practice and urban agriculture. A Fresh Look contributes to the evolving dialogue that surrounds the practice of urban farming with essays that delve into decentralized peer to peer networks within urban agriculture, institutional interest in urban farming, food justice, architecture and design, and the history of the relationship between urban agriculture and artistic practice. Interviews include artist Fritz Haeg (LA), Bohn & Viljoen Architects (London), and Planting Justice (Oakland). Additionally, the website will include extended content not available in the publication. (live on April 27, 2010)

MA Collaborative: Rachel Adams, Pat Augsburger, Darin Bauer, Julie Edwards, Yuen Lee, Adam Prince, and Christy Wiles

Tuesday, April 27, Schedule of Events:

4-7pm: forageSF Underground Market and music by David Jacobs-Strain.

7-8pm: Project Launch and Panel Discussion with Ted Purves, Fallen Fruit and Planting Justice.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

fairly small torpedos

tonight. uptown. 10pm.
this will be the last bday celebration for me, as tomorrow reality sets in again. but, until then! i will party like the birthday girl i am.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


yesterday was my birthday which included ample amounts of food, beers, friends, and sunshine. it was quite lovely. i am officially in the later part of my twenties, but i suppose it is really not a bad place to be. lets just hope someone else thinks i have major potential and hires me, so i can not be unemployed for the rest of this age decade.

nick got me a basket for my bike, which i just installed and am about to take on its first run. i can attest that seamus, my bike, is going to be quite a stud with this new basket, and i am particularly excited about the lesser amount of weight on my back. so, i am off to the new southern exposure space and to see jack hanley's last show and to not carry anything on my back because it will all sit in my basket! another great day. i love april.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

the light in the middle of every man's fall

today is one of those days that has to be productive. its rather annoying waking up that way. sure, i want to get things done, but i want to want to, not because i have to with no other choice. because that creates even more procrastination and i have no more jamie oliver episodes to watch.

its hard to be close and far with everything and everyone in my life right now. dinner last night was a relief, a sunny spot in a rainy day, and a delicious time with absolutely lovely ladies. i love consuming bottle after bottle of wine and eating a little too much curry because its just perfect. i will miss these nights when i leave 378 and possibly leave san francisco. even though its been awhile, that table has treated me so well over the past two years. i think back to the endless brunches and impromptu dinners, christy's birthday dinner where we were so squeezed together, romantic candle lit nights with nick, sofia cutting our hair after dinner one summer night, and thick crust goodness pizza that carmen brought us. bottles of wine and cartons of ice cream have been passed around that table many times over and i cherish them all. eating with friends is truly a luxury you can never have too often.