Thursday, April 1, 2010

the light in the middle of every man's fall

today is one of those days that has to be productive. its rather annoying waking up that way. sure, i want to get things done, but i want to want to, not because i have to with no other choice. because that creates even more procrastination and i have no more jamie oliver episodes to watch.

its hard to be close and far with everything and everyone in my life right now. dinner last night was a relief, a sunny spot in a rainy day, and a delicious time with absolutely lovely ladies. i love consuming bottle after bottle of wine and eating a little too much curry because its just perfect. i will miss these nights when i leave 378 and possibly leave san francisco. even though its been awhile, that table has treated me so well over the past two years. i think back to the endless brunches and impromptu dinners, christy's birthday dinner where we were so squeezed together, romantic candle lit nights with nick, sofia cutting our hair after dinner one summer night, and thick crust goodness pizza that carmen brought us. bottles of wine and cartons of ice cream have been passed around that table many times over and i cherish them all. eating with friends is truly a luxury you can never have too often.


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molly prentiss said...

double yes. can i come over for dinner this week please.