Thursday, April 15, 2010


yesterday was my birthday which included ample amounts of food, beers, friends, and sunshine. it was quite lovely. i am officially in the later part of my twenties, but i suppose it is really not a bad place to be. lets just hope someone else thinks i have major potential and hires me, so i can not be unemployed for the rest of this age decade.

nick got me a basket for my bike, which i just installed and am about to take on its first run. i can attest that seamus, my bike, is going to be quite a stud with this new basket, and i am particularly excited about the lesser amount of weight on my back. so, i am off to the new southern exposure space and to see jack hanley's last show and to not carry anything on my back because it will all sit in my basket! another great day. i love april.

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