Sunday, April 25, 2010

i'll be your blackbird, hanging on your telephone wire.

the day yesterday was a wash of sunshine and grass stains.
in every moment that passed, i thought of the future and the present simultaneously.
i thought of glass walls that forgave appearances and the feet of dogs as they jumped gloriously.
i thought of the ease that comes with bicycle baskets and the feeling of nails on my back scratching.

tonight, i sit in my second bedroom staring at the endless summer.
the air is fresh mixed with stale, and i have the urge to run outside yelling.
lightning bugs are on my mind along with the ease of slip on sneakers and the taste of honey.
my hands smell like grill and summer and hazy sunshine and saliva.
all alone for a moment that really is 3 hours and my arms are open and my mind is clean.
clean until the summer-ness disappears into the fog and the rains come back.

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