Monday, March 29, 2010

kids on the run

i lost my keys today and i'm pissed about it. molly has moved her stuff out of the house and i wasn't even here for it. her room was the homiest in the whole house and now its gray and sad. i've sort of been in my own world, moping around for the past week. maybe moping is not the right word. too busy to be moping.

nick and i made vietnamese spring rolls last night and i ate the rest for lunch while watching martha stewart make pierogis. she was using a meat grinder to cut up the cabbage, which looked like death, and she kept saying how gorgeous it all was. i don't think i agree with the gorgeous, but i bet they were delicious. i like wrapped foods where everything is edible. mai made me brussel sprout and apple turnovers for dinner the other night. no joke, they were amazing. i guess that is what happens when brussel sprouts are soaked in sugar for hours.

thankfully, i was able to climb through our upstairs window after i lost my keys. it made me think of the numerous times i had to climb through the bathroom window in our house in tenafly because all the doors would be locked. i think i cut my leg badly once. i barely remember that house, let alone the cut.

i'm trying to finish things so i can take a shower and watch some hulu and eat brussel sprouts and purple potatoes for dinner. i am tempted to go back to the dogpatch and stay with nick tonight since i have a meeting there in the morning. but i miss my house and my roomates and my bed, so i'll fight that urge for tonight. plus, there are about 40 magazines here that i have not read yet.

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