Sunday, March 7, 2010

letters from a front

mai is doing a dinner project and she is having me to dinner. i told her no bleu cheese and alcohol. i also told her that the main ingredient i wanted was brussel sprouts. nick says he has never eaten so many brussel sprouts with anyone but me. they are a main staple in my diet and i am interested in how other people cook them. i am a pure sauteed in garlic, olive oil, and salt kind of girl. carey lin made them with raisins one night. those were delicious. we'll see how mai makes them. she mentioned pickling them, which could be great! i don't like pickles but i like pickled things. weird, right? i always give my pickles away. steve took them the other night off my zeitgeist burger. i hate the juice when it touches my bread and makes it soggy pickle bread. my brother also hates pickles, but my sister loves them. i think both my sisters do. when i was in chicago i hate brussel sprouts with prosciutto. that was bomb. i am unsure why there is not a restuarant that is brussel sprout based. i am really making myself hungry with this post.

tonight, however, i will have yellow stalked chard from my garden. sauteed to a crisp in garlic, olive oil, and salt. what can i say? i am traditionalist.

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