Wednesday, March 3, 2010

when things cast no shadow

i am sitting for a dog in my friend's house for the next three nights. the dog already ripped the sheets on my bed when i was showering. and then she acted all cute when i scolded her. damn puppies.

right now she is sleeping at the other end of the sectional sofa. her nose is buried in front of her and i just want to go lay down and snuggle with her.

last night i walked home from zeitgeist after beers with adam, jeremy, and steven. the night felt fresh and the moon was waning i think and i sang lady gaga in my head while my feet took me home. by the end i was so tired that i almost stopped to rest on the bench that is halfway between church and sanchez on my street. that damn bench tempts me everyday.

i just woke the dog up because i sneezed really loudly.

i spent the day reading and talking and discussing and reading some more. i ate brunch in the sun and lunch in the boy's kitchen and dinner on the sectional. i am pretty content and even more so because of good feedback about my thesis and the fact that there is mozzarella cheese in the fridge. mozzarella makes everything better.

i am just ranting in this post and i am tired and i have to walk the dog before we curl up in bed. what a long day.

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