Thursday, March 11, 2010

the old brand new

i am in amsterdam and blogging. is that cool? i have no idea. i am sitting in the lobby of my first hotel and about to go to my second, which will also be my last. i am exhausted from lack of sleep and an emotional breakdown yesterday and now i am just thinking about my life and what i really want. its funny that pulling chard out of my garden and seeing the fog roll in are some of my favorite things right now. i am homesick. its pretty lame in a way, but when you are so far away, it just seems so much better to get home quickly.

i had my interview this morning and i have to say it did go well. but now, i am just going to enjoy my three days left here. and buy new jeans because mine ripped. i am going to a screening tonight, and meeting all the other interviewee's and it should be interesting. i am very glad i was first. more than anything, i just want to take a nap. and possibly eat a huge hamburger. and then maybe hit the flea market tomorrow. its definitely a hard experience traveling by yourself and i hope i do not have to do it again for awhile. i am excited about going home and going camping at point reyes. and to not be by myself.

but right now, i am off to drink a heineken, which i expect will be delicious.

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