Saturday, January 23, 2010

team work

last night, brianne and i took the 44 bus to the inner richmond to have dinner at one of our favorite places. we spent 2 hours in the bar nearby chatting and laughing and intensely discussing our respective lives over some beers. but, before we got there, we sat on the bus and suddenly 10 teenage boys clambered on and sat in the back with us. they were loud and laughing, cussing and cute, and after about one and a half minutes, brianne and i felt more awkward and out of place than we probably ever have before. she said teenagers scare me. and they were slightly scary, but these boys, with their baseball caps and skateboard sneakers took our breath away. we tried not to stare or listen but it was impossible. they made jokes and tried to talk to us toward the end of our journey. we laughed, giggled, and were transported back to the world of junior high where we first met and bonded over thomas and peter and mike valentine, the heartthrobs of our 6th grade class. oh michael valentine! how we both lusted after you and only brianne ever got a kiss. seems like yesterday when i get to spend hours with brianne shooting the shit and talking about our families. but really, she has and always will, give me some of the best advice and always know how to make me laugh so hard that my face hurts afterward. and that is all you can ever ask of your best friend. 17 years and counting...

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