Saturday, January 2, 2010

enigmatic combat

i suppose its official that 2009 is over. i am not sad, nor am i happy. well, not extra happy. i am only thinking about the future. i will state on this blog that there will be no more dwelling on the past. it is over and done with. only present and future minded thoughts will present themselves here. this is a place for the future and the present. i will say i had a lovely new years eve until i passed out a 12:10am. i drank a few too many strong pennsylvania beers. they were delicious. i smoked only two cigarettes. i kissed one boy.

as for this new year, the 20x, i suppose it will be business as usual for part and new business for the other part. anyone want to give me a job? i prefer anywhere that stays over 60 degrees most days. but that is arbitrary and only due to the coldness of the past few days. i have decided that i would like to own a house sooner rather than later and perhaps this job can help me achieve this goal. my other resolutions have to do with flossing daily and standing up straight. spending less money on unwarranted purchases and doing my work on time. being less judgmental and creating more. ok, that should be enough. oh, and i do want to swim more. now, enough.

i suppose all these things can be accomplished and i am already on the way to half of them by just knowing them. and i have flossed a lot in the past 2 weeks.

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