Wednesday, January 20, 2010

among dreams and strange fires

can someone tell me when your dreams have seeped into your reality? i went to bed thinking about a certain thing and immediately upon waking from this very vivid dream, i realised, that could still happen. minus the fact that the dream was based in the house i grew up in or that my entire family, ok not entire but part (mom, dad, kate, carrie, and i) were frolicking around picking giant amounts of fruit off the trees in the front of the house. lets just think about how this house was in new jersey and no trees in the front yard bore fruit. but somehow, there were giant oranges and small clementines and lemons everywhere. it was super odd and for some reason, my father was super into it. it definitely confused me when i awoke as my father is not super into anything like that. he reads novels on war and watches tons of sports, but if i ever see him pick a lemon off a tree giddily, i might faint. or i guess i would be dreaming. some of the rest is foggy, but not the part where a very good friend of mine shows me something i utterly dread. and this is not to be shared with the world, but it made me think of how much i dread not knowing what the future has in store for me. today, i will speak to a man on the phone about my future and although this seems like some sort of call-in psychic, its really just a man who shares my passion about art. so, hopefully that dread will be somewhat lifted, but more than anything, i hate waking up in a panic and thinking did that really happen.

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