Saturday, August 30, 2008

just outside the sunbelt

the backyard of my house. we moved in on monday.
the four of us i'd say are quite enthralled with this
place. we have ample amounts of space and light
and there's just a general sense of homeyness
right from the start. i'm very grateful to be here.

my bathroom. glad to be back to the claw foot
tub. actually 3 out of the 4 bathrooms have claw foot tubs.

that is carmen in the living room. she found the house.

this is the swing outside of my bedroom.
it might be my favorite thing so far.
oh wait...did i mention the avocado tree?

and by the way, i've completely forgotten how to take pictures.

1 comment:

Sharlene said...

It looks so dope! We have to come and visit!