Monday, September 22, 2008

a thousand new ideas

i attended a lecture tonight by an artist named ou ning. he started his lecture by saying that everyday, he wakes with a thousand ideas. as i sat through the lecture, i certainly started to believe him. he is one of the most creative (or just hardworking) people i've met.

i have this major fear that i will lose my creativity. not just for a short spell, but for forever. my mother always told me i was always her most creative child, but sometimes i think i might wake up and it will have left me forever. maybe this is a common fear amongst people working in creative fields. but, i want to wake up each morning with a thousand ideas. and follow through with at least one of them. maybe that is the key. the follow through.

9 things i am thinking about:

1. china 2. detroit 3. city maps 4. the wire 5. urban politics 6. the neighborhood corner 7. 19th century french apartment buildings 8. working port cities 9. bay area activits/artists

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