Thursday, November 6, 2008

i want to live this way until i die

right now, i am thinking about tours around berlin and utopias or nowtopias and kyong park who i am finally meeting tomorrow!!, along with ideas of nationalism and great motherlands and soup. and i am sitting next to a box of fudge thanks to my mom. i'm trying to figure out ideas about my thesis and right now, i have a very raw one about looking at what has happened in detroit over the past quarter century and compare that to what has happened in another city, berline maybe? but not the cities as much as maybe artists working there? the activites that have formed. i don't know. that seems a little iffy. i need to visit these places for sure. my ideas about detroit are possibly going to drastically change when i get there. i am definitely going to ask kyong park about this tomorrow. i was saddened to find out object orange has all but left the detroit area. although maybe all great social justice movements can only exist for a short period of time. i am just rambling now. i made lentil soup today.

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