Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the painted bird

a 2k9 day for the books. written by ellena. i take no credit...

1/4- Chinatown/Bowery/LES Adventures
Sleeping in, wearing a color, Motherless Brooklyn, reading about a specific train stop while sitting in that train stop, an obscure candy store, baked eggs, old friends/roommates, coconut milk-filled doughnuts, strategic walking routes, giant fruits that look like alien babies when peeled, maple leaf-shaped cookies that taste just like pancakes (but seriously), getting called “smokin’” by a gentleman outside the Bowery Mission, the New Museum, paintings named Julian, crossing the street hopping with joy, Bloody Marys in the evening-time, Synecdoche, New York, gummy worms, serendipitous run-ins, thinking “Oh shit, I left my hat at that place I specifically told myself not to leave my hat at,” a lovely new purse, accidentally finding all those stores I’ve been meaning visit (one day), frustrating exchanges, comedy shows (plural), gummy worms, Brooklyn Lager on tap, a waitress named Stella, using nicknames like in junior high, impromptu dances parties (because that’s how we roll), internet sleuthing, songs written for girls I’d write songs for too (if only I could), feeling like “Okay, ready, let’s do this, 2k9.”

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