Monday, February 23, 2009

this is tomorrow

i haven't done anything since i moved to california. i mean, i've done things, such as win amazing shuffleboard games, drink cheap beers with new friends, walk up mega hills, and read a lot of post-colonial theory. but i haven't swam in the pacific or driven down the coast. i haven't been to wine country or even crossed the golden gate bridge. i want to see huge trees. i want to smell them actually.

i hear these stories about the trees. that you've never seen a tree until you've seen a redwood. jenny told me before she saw a tree on the east coast, she never realized they could be so small. i said, seriously? there are some pretty big trees where i am from. a man named allan told me how easy it is. just 20 minutes and you'll be there. just cross the bridge. i wanted to yell at you realize how busy i am? why are you even talking to me right now? but i nodded and smiled and said yes, i am definitely going soon. that was over a month ago. i'm still here, sitting on my couch and thinking about the trees. i was supposed to go, over a year ago. marc said we would rent a car and drive out there and sit and listen. it never happened and it still hasn't. i feel i may not be considered a californian resident until i see the trees. what if there is a question on a test i might have to take at some point about the trees? i will fail.

i guess if i really wanted to go, i would have already. i guess i'm just lazy. i mean, i'm not doing anything right now except listening to my friends talk about near death experiences and plastic surgery. i suppose its about that time.


kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

this is awesome

nyla said...

you must go to henry cowell state park in big basin RIGHT NOW. this is where the old trees live - old, old, like Charlemagne/Jesus Christ old. the oldest living creatures on the planet. henry cowell is one of the most magical place on god's green earth. if you can't get there soon, we will bring you next time you are here. i promise.

molly prentiss said...

ill take you. soon. i promise.