Thursday, August 27, 2009

le monde est illisible

today, as i pulled back the makeshift curtains and was blasted with sunlight, my eyes watered. but my heart, my heart leapt. i feel very at home now, being back in san francisco with school starting, with things happening, with life being reinvented. i like that people know my name and face. its always such a delightful thing. i'm hoping that happens more often as my life progresses. not to be famous, just to be known. to be known by people who i want to know me. i still have to conquer more of the world, but i feel pretty good right now. in twenty minutes, i am going to get a pizza and bike to the dogpatch, sit on a roof and smoke a cigarette, dance and mingle with old friends, laugh and fall asleep slightly drunk. i like that i know that. i like that i'm here.

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