Saturday, November 21, 2009

rumble tumble

in three nights from tonight, we'll be at the commune. we'll drive down at night, through the mountains filled with deer. we'll arrive and drink some red wine and cuddle on a couch in the big house. we'll wake up and make pies and cauliflowers and eat avocados and cheese and fly kites. we'll make coffee and sit on the deck and look at the ocean. we'll see the ocean. we'll play bocce ball and drink beer from pint glasses and give lots of hugs and run around after lucia. we'll miss our own families and call them and send them our love. we'll laugh and relax and give thanks that extended families are for real. we'll eat those pies and drink those wines and cuddle once more on the couch.

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molly prentiss said...

ahhh this makes me sooo excited! i am so happy you are coming. and i am thankful for you and those pies. :)