Monday, May 3, 2010

between the bars

i like sitting in my bed the wrong way. the internet works better when i am closer to the door and i can look straight out my window and see the light on in the apartment across our yard. the light is always on, a beautiful white yellow through curtains and sometimes it glows blue from the television the tenant has. we've decided he is a gamer, up all hours of the night, gaming. i have tried to imagine what he looks like, and how his apartment is laid out. sometimes i think he has a beige sectional and the largest flat screen i can imagine. he wears odd colored polo shirts and has really nice glasses. other times, i think his furniture is really mod- white and simple and his tv is completely hidden when people are visiting. it only shows up for the games, which could be anything from mario kart to those first person killing games i am terrible at. right now, the palmetto tree in our backyard obscures the whole window, but it seems its not game time, but reading and working time. i suppose the tenant could be an insomniac, which is a terrible thing to be. sleep is not only essential, the best part of it is waking up after a lot of it. sometimes i watch for long enough and see the curtains move slightly, which means there is either an animal wandering around or the tenant has a fan blowing. because you never see him. and i am sure he is a he, because my landlord's wife told me that. she used to have their bed facing the window, but would always put down the shade due to the tenant's night light usage. i moved the bed because of my weird tick of always having one side of the bed against a wall. funny that i sleep on the other side of that wall now. nick sleeps against the wall when he is here. the curtains just moved slightly. i hope that the insomniac tenant does have an animal. a cute cat or house trained rabbit. it just seems necessary because i am sure he is single and having an animal is a good thing. i suppose its bad to make assumptions about your neighbors, but i also suppose that is just human nature. i hope my assumptions are half right. sometimes, its really nice to be proven wrong.

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Jayka said...

i love to people watch, and i name everyone and make up life stories for them. anthony thinks i am crazy, but it's good to know i am not alone.