Monday, June 14, 2010

a prelude

i would grow coconuts if i liked them. my boyfriend's beard always smells like home. and i cannot sleep through a night. i always wake up to use the facilities.

i've thought about escaping sometimes, to places that still have 1930s trains and where people know how to speak at least three languages, going between them as if they are one and you are one with the three. i've thought about it a lot over the past few years. i thought i'd end up in berlin where the wind would push me around and the beer would taste uncanny and the crackling leaves in the fall would remind me of another place altogether. i am however, not ending up there just yet, as austin calls from the part of texas that others rave about and where i might find a man playing a harmonica with his soul in his mouth. i rather hope for that, along with other things like two dogs, longhorns, and bbq. real bbq. i still hope for berlin though, for the place where at least three languages become one and where i may live in a flat for two that includes an old dog named henrik. a distinguished name some would say. as of tomorrow, though, i will enjoy hot summer nights, full of stars and energy, full of lone star beers and swimming holes, and maybe for once, i'll feel sort of southern in a texas kind of way.

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