Thursday, October 28, 2010

moths and flames

in the past few months, as i have made the transition from student to professional, i have forgotten how to slow down. and its not that i am whizzing through life. its the fact that i am forgetting to double check things or triple check for that matter, forgetting that i do not have to instantly respond to every inquiry or request, forgetting that i cannot do everything at one time no matter how many people i've told about my multitasking abilities. so, starting tomorrow or even right now, i am going to breath before i respond to an email. i am going to think a little harder about what i want to say and what i need to say before i actually say it. of course, the ability to multitask is almost inherent within myself, but i need to take a small step backward before i jump forward. as lame and cheesy as it sounds.

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