Tuesday, December 14, 2010

these are my dreams

glass houses, white sheets, fig and olive oil candles, puppies that always stay puppies, two-toned vintage trucks, big glasses and perfectly short hair, overly stamped passports, cascadian dark ales with brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes, collages in white frames, car singing, heels and dance parties, snow, cigarettes and sister time, the commune any day of the year, the coast, the ocean, jade coves, unlimited ripe avocados and sea salt, walls of books with time and no internet, nighttime train rides through mountains and cities, bikes and tree lined streets, autumn weather for breakfast, sunshine, the redwoods, the first time i saw the redwoods, the black forest, maltese food and family, every color of sharpie, sonoma wineries, and kidney bean swimming pools.

1 comment:

molly prentiss said...

you have just listed every single dream of mine as well.