Friday, July 1, 2011

you and the sun

remember the first time you realized who you were? before you were french press coffee and slip on men's shoes and art talk and more art talk and old crow medicine show on repeat. remember when you hunted for geo-trackers on bikes and ate at dunlays every night and smoked rolled cigarettes and drank arnold palmers? that was after you realized who you were. it was before the french press though. it was before california. remember yourself before california? remember yourself before chicago? remember yourself packing for college? heavy winter sweaters and boot cut jeans and picture albums and books that made you look arty. remember your mother crying at the airport and you crying in the airplane? that was before you knew who you were. that was when you thought the black and white photographs you made were the most amazing things ever and the volvo you drove constantly had guster and weezer playing and you drank illicit 40s on your back porch and watched english television in brianne's basement. that was when you were just starting out.

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