Monday, February 13, 2012

before the law

things i love are letterpress invites and robert rauschenberg and tea any time of day.
things i love are nick's beard and nick's new sense of style wearing cardigans.
things i love are a night full of fires and friends who constantly are laughing.
things i love are love and amy's dogs in their sweaters and my dog's insane knowledge.
things i love are walking in chicago on a fall day crunching leaves and smoking cigarettes outside.
things i love are tiny love bites from nick and waking up in my bed with my dog under my arm.
things i love are amazing artists that are sweet and excited about life, that make rad paintings.
things i love are new york city bagels and going to museums and walking forever and brooklyn.
things i love is my art collection that is scattered and amazing, with large and small pieces.
things i love are california and the smell of sunshine and delicious wine on a porch.

i guess there is a super long list that keeps getting longer. i guess there is nothing wrong with that.

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