Monday, April 27, 2009

my home is nowhere without you

home is where the heart is.

home is nowhere without you.

home is exactly the place i am in right now.

home is an incredible view.

i walk around this city, around other cities. i see places i would like to spend some time, make a life, settle down. a potential home. or is it just a place that i might be in and out of? my house right now is mine for another year and that is giving me a relaxed feeling. my last apartment with aliza and grace really felt like home. the walls were painted and the furniture was a weird matching mish mash. but it worked. and it always felt good to be there. i miss that place. i miss our kitchen table that was always covered with coffee rings and computers. i miss aliza's entrances into the kitchen every morning, so tired so tired. i miss the ghost girl who haunted my room and our backporch our backyard our stoop. i miss grace's yoga stretches and her bright blue room and her comfy bed.

home is a place with good ambiance.

home is a place where there is always coffee brewing.

home is a place that has fluffy slippers for each inhabitant.

home is a large brick house that contains more memories than anyone could imagine.

i mentioned to a few people that i was going home in a few weeks. they looked confused, for they surely think my home is san francisco. not yet, i say, not yet. its getting there. its happening, but not yet. home is chicago, where friends run through the streets and dancing happens and jimmy johns exists in all its glory. home is the whirlaway lounge and its jukebox, home is lloyd dobler and pool tables. home is where i eat hot dogs and more hot dogs. home is laughter and tears. chicago is laughter and tears.

home is laughter and tears.

home is where heartbreaks are mended.

home is a saturday brunch and a movie and a target adventure.

my home is nowhere without you. and you. and you. and you.


kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

this is hauntingly beautiful

Link said...
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