Thursday, April 30, 2009

try to think about me

polly maby was my best friend growing up. we were pretty much inseperable along with her older sister madeleine. polly was always more of a free spirit and i think had a definite influence on me. we had this game where we would stand on her dresser, jump and flip in the air, and land on her bed. then we would usually roll off and hit the other dresser, bruising ourselves. it was pretty much the best. we would mix up milk, chocolate powder, and seltzer as afternoon snacks. we had ice tea and brownie stands. we rode bikes, we swam in pools, we ran threw sprinklers. we were in the circus at our camp one summer. she and her family moved away right when we started 6th grade and i was so sad. i went to north carolina to visit a few times and that was when i watched dazed and confused for the first time. my mom still has the mug with our pictures on it from a mall stand and it makes me nostalgic. i think we're both missing teeth. now we both live in the pacific northwest, free spirits on the opposite coast where we promised to be best friends forever. i hope i make it to portland this summer so we can have an ice tea and brownie stand again.

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