Saturday, May 2, 2009

on a saturday

tay trimmed the jasmine last week, but it still grows through the porch and creeps down the ropes of the swing. i sit on that swing a lot. i smoke cigarettes and talk on the telephone on that swing. i sing songs and time travel on that swing.

i sort of wish it was a swing for two, so i could lean my head on the other shoulder and smoke my cigarette. we could swing softly and let our feet skim the ground. i want the sun to shine through the clouds and swallow up the smoke from my cigarette and difuse the light as it floats into the air above.

today the rain has stayed from yesterday. i have to put words to paper about architecture and kitsch and urban revitilization. i have to put words to paper about death and life and structures and citizens. instead i would like to time travel a little, possibly to the beach where there is a bonfire and sausages, possibly to a week that i spent with a long haired boy, possibly to the future where i live in a glass house and have my own two person swing.

oh the dream, the dream of that glass house and the surrounding forrest. just another in my field of dreams which includes time travel and love and two person swings.

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