Thursday, May 21, 2009

come a little bit closer

facundo arganaraz.
facundo's painting feels so future oriented to me. maybe that in it, i see space and time travel. but its also so serene and poetic. i'm really unable to describe how much i like it. maybe the way he uses light is what is attacting me.

amy casey

ben peterson

i love ryan's graphic way this painting is done, as much as i love the mystery and structure of the image. reminds me a bit of a roger brown, who is a man i love dearly. amy's is so chaotic and demanding. i like thinking that these houses have sprouted legs and are parading somewhere far away from the people they inhabit. maybe right into ben's image. the remainder. the leftovers. the mess.

these are paintings i've been drawn to over the past few days. as i'm getting this show together, i keep looking at painting after photograph after sculpture in hopes of everything coming together. these pieces may or may not end up in shows that i will one day put together. hopefully, i'll be able to work with these artists. they are all quite wonderful. and i am realizing i have not written about art in awhile, so this is my next major venture. get ready for a lot of review-like posts.

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Josh Darr said...

I cant remember how, but i stumbled upon ryan mrozowski and really like his work...I just kinda keep staring