Thursday, June 25, 2009

these days are bones

you can take a look around, but i'm not sure what you'll see.

you can take a look at me, but you might want to turn away.
or you might want to look forever.

when you look around, you just see remnants of life, living, hollowness, wine bottles.

when you look at me, you see remnants of sleep, hair sticking up, glasses, slippers, tiredness.

but when you really look at me, into my eyes, you see flashes of green grass, sun-kissed skin, laughter, secrets. when you really look at me, you can smell jasmine and olive oil, you see baskets of fish and chips, you can imagine nothing better than swimming in clear water and lying in hammocks. you love deeply. you might never turn away, because turning away would bring you back to the hollows and the wine bottles. but if you don't turn away, you'll just hear voices and smell smells and attempt to float away, but you can't. there is a whole world you want to be a part of, which i am. but you look away because your gaze cannot hold mine. you move onward and i sit back down.

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