Saturday, July 25, 2009

sunday smile

i made the realization tonight that my new passport expires when i am 37. it made me a bit jumpy, seeing as i am 27 now and 10 years seems so far, yet so close. so, i decided to make a list of goals (both short and long term) to accomplish in these next 10 years. some might seem like wishes, but i was recently reminded that wishes don't exist, so these too will be labeled as goals, no matter how far fetched.

1. speak 3 languages fluently (french and german being the other 2)
2. curate exhibitions in other countries
3. live in other countries
4. own a house (maybe in another country)
5. rescue a dog
6. go to australia and new zealand
7. get a job where i have some freedom to follow through with my ideas.
8. own a really amazing armani suit
9. really learn how to drive stick shift
10. have a child with someone i love
11. write a book
12. do a top ten in art forum
13. swim in the dead sea
14. brew my own beer
15. see a palladio villa in person
16. still have some form of this blog

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