Saturday, December 12, 2009

regnerische Tage

brunch with roommates and boyfriends and friends is the best way to start saturday after a friday of pool and beer and pizza and whiskey. i slipped and fell on my ass last night right after i poured myself a nice glass of jameson. it spilled and i quickly filled it up again. i started a dance party at gestalt. my boyfriend has moves i've never seen before.

today after the brunch of latkes and chocolate chip pancakes and apple butter and bananas, we lay downstairs rubbing bellies and snoozing. we were extremely full and extremely happy and i believe extremely relieved that we didn't have to make brunch for 8 people.

2 hours after bellies were rubbed and appetites were satisfied, i bought a gorgeous aqua lacoste sweater and nick bought a new scarf and we looked at paintings. now i am at haus with a latte and the rain is off but its still wet outside. san francisco is beautiful today.

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