Saturday, September 25, 2010

the march goes on.

there is a way i feel about bacon and saturday mornings and scrabble and cigarettes that is unlike anything else in the world. and sure, they are random, but right now, they are indescribably amazing. possibly because i just had some bacon and that it is saturday morning and that i am glancing at my scrabble board sitting on my cocktail tray or that last night i had inexplicably more cigarettes than i should have, but cherished each one until i dragged my butt home to see my extremely happy and tired puppy. now he is under the couch after a morning of playtime and i am wondering what comes next. cleaning. napping. organizing. birthdaying. whatever comes after that. it all shall come and go and really, i could just sit in this chair all day, curled up and listening to my dog snore. that is possibly the next step, although i have watched everything good on hulu already.

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