Monday, October 27, 2008

deutscher modernismus

i brought up ludwig mies van de rohe's grave in a conversation today. and so, i decided to revisit some of his works, partly due to reading about the bauhaus and partly to show my lovely sister-in-law his buildings. and i've decided that sometimes, i wish i could be a modernist architect. or maybe just once talk to good ole ludwig about his ideas. a few years ago, i would never have considered myself a modernist lover. i used to feel very closed off towards this type of building, not really understanding it, and thinking it was so stark and uninviting. now, however, i can say fully i would give anything to live in the farnsworth house. i am lately more impressed with architecture than most other visual stimuli, and it makes me want to spend time talking with these geniuses and wanting to hear their explanations of space. but then again, some things don't need explanations. they are truly wonderful without anything at all.

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floating staircase, the arts club of chicago

seagram building, nyc

museum, berlin

crown hall, chicago

farnsworth house, chicago

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nyla said...

most excellent. now i know who he is and what he's about . . . and that bauhaus is more than just a rock band ;)