Monday, October 13, 2008

no more empty clotheslines

i stumbled upon this and really enjoyed the idea. it should continue around the country.

i'm looking at earthworks. i am looking at lots of things, actually, but i am hoping to schedule some trips to see remaining earthworks in the west. the agnes denes' piece (may not be a typical out in the wilderness earthwork) takes place in lower manhattan, and is reactionary to the empty lots that dotted manhattan at that time (1982). she harvested the wheat and it was sent around the world to be replanted. a sort of end to world hunger. but i'm interested in her taking over this lot, and just creating this wildness amongst the city. obviously, there are city gardens, but this is something of a grander idea. its something that really resonates with me.

agnes denes

robert smithson

walter de maria

michael heizer


nyla said...

ooh, these earthworks speak to me. (earlier this year i discovered land artist andy goldsworthy and was quite taken. though, his stuff is less conceptual and more sculptural.) i might have to post pics of agnes' wheatfield too. wow, arresting image.

*lowbrow observation: wheat field photo reminds me of scenes from that will smith movie where everybody in nyc died of a vampire virus.

radams said...

yes! maybe the director got inspiration from her wheat field.