Saturday, December 20, 2008

lightning with stag in its glare

one day, not long from this one, i want to ride a beautiful train with you and talk about life and eat cheese and laugh and forecast our futures. i want to forget all that has come before for a few minutes and only think of the present, the movement of the train and the light spilling in through the windows. i want to hold hands and steal kisses and take sips of dark beer. i want to fall asleep on your shoulder and wake when you nudge me and see your smile and have your run your fingers through my hair. i want to take a thousand pictures of this moment that i will show to people when i return, so they can see our smiling faces and know that we existed only for each other. dreams are hard to become reality, but i feel this one just might. far from this frost covered land that i lately inhabit and far from the pain i feel right now. that train ride exists. it exists just as you and i exist and somehow it will all come together and will be even better than my thoughts.

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