Saturday, December 6, 2008

una lettera per voi

i just wanted to write quickly. tell you i am thinking of you. hope you are doing well. i am deep into finals, with 2 left to turn in and a residency application for berlin almost finished. but today i am heading to the east bay for a bbq and beer wintery celebration that will most likely get me drunk before 6 o'clock. lets hope that i can pull myself together and finish that paper and that project and that application all in time for my 6:30am flight on thursday. new york city will be so cold. i do not think i am ready for it. i bought an amazing black and white dress yesterday and i am excited to wear it and be a new yorker for three weeks. museums galore, bagels, and my beautiful sisters to drink wine with. i am thinking about brooklyn and my nephews smiling faces and rainbow cookies. oh venieros! how i would love to snuggle up with a latte
and a rainbow cookie right now. instead i will heat up some lentils and brush my teeth and think about you. i am sending you happy thoughts, so please do not be cold and sad. think of me sitting in my light filled dining room thinking of you in yours.

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