Saturday, March 21, 2009

if you were here, winter would not pass so slow

i am thinking about the summer and about driving to LA. i am thinking about institutional critique way too much. i am thinking that this blog is a huge procrastination for me, but in a good way because it makes me think about good and bad things, happy and sad things, people, places, and things. i am thinking of being outside like i was yesterday but today, i am at a desk. was i outside yesterday? that seems so long ago, up on the hill with the wind blowing. i am thinking about ellena and am excited to get an update email and about my birthday with the brown and blond haired pinatas in the shapes of cute girls. i am thinking about chilli with bacon grease and apples to apples dinner parties and homebrew. right now its raining and i want to sit here a little while longer. but i'll get up sooner and walk downstairs and putz around for awhile. i am thinking i should a little cleverer than i am.

i am listening to ra ra riot and i am waiting for you to run away with me. but if that was to happen, it would have happened, and so i'll just amuse myself with the red wine and the raindrops and tomorrow.

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Grace Murray said...

Miss you! Come back for art chicago! what are you doing for your birthday? Bet you thought I didn't read your blog...