Monday, July 19, 2010

double rainbow

things on my desk include the american heritage dictionary, st.ives lotion, an octopus karen crocheted for me, tupperware, a letter from sofia and a random splattering of office supplies. i really feel i need to spice things up, but i suppose i will have to wait until we move to our new offices, which will be grand and fresh and not in the middle of nowhere.

things in my new house, when i move in on saturday will include lots of clothes and shoes, a succulent not yet named, totoro, a broken cody hudson mug, and a 1950s formica kitchen table. i will eagerly await nick's arrival with our bed, my books, our plants, and the other things that make you realize your life is quite amazing, like pictures that only exist in hard copy and friendly handwritten notes from long ago, my shewok sweatshirt and my small yet vital art collection. in my head, this house is already full of memories before i even spend my first night, so i suppose it already feels like home even though i am not there yet. i am looking forward to going home then, very much so.

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