Tuesday, July 6, 2010

je voudrais vous voir

my shoes are piled up next to the black bookshelf in my room. there are my light brown leather men's shoes that i love, but the laces get untied quickly. there are the brown boots that can be short or tall depending on my mood. usually i am in a short boot mood. there are my white slip on loafers that i bought when i still worked at the arts club, but that make my feet sweat sometimes. then there are the black rite aid slip ons that i can't wear in austin because my feet smell in them. its a fact. there are the pink and purple nikes that i love more than most things in my waredrobe and that i bought down on 6th avenue with carrie and that i look for every time i am back in nyc. i never find them and it makes me sad and happy because those shoes define me. they are me. comfy and loud and girly and worn. in those shoes, i never have to think because they will take me to the ends of the earth. i wore them every day i was in amsterdam. i wore them weekly in SF during my tenure there, and they were always spoken of highly when taken out of my closet in chicago. i haven't attempted to wear them in austin, but i know they will be a hit, a conversation at least, and i will feel like myself when i wear them again. my united states crossing, punky brewster/rainbow bright personality that is outgoing and smart and comfortable and focused. those shoes do not define me, but i define them, and it makes me feel less lonely knowing they are just waiting at the end of the bed. what can i say...i am a purple and pink kind of girl.

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