Wednesday, July 14, 2010

let's run to the coast

i have a potential new friend who is (gasp) not involved in the arts but in law school and i just peeped her blog (because she peeped mine) and i found this. it is so true, that tonight when i meet her, the first thing she'll get from me is a hug, whether she likes it or not because honestly, the only ones i've had since nick left are from my mom and i hugged erin at her bday party the other day.

From here:
When I moved here and didn't know anyone I told Robby that I was surprised what I missed most was being touched. I didn't just mean by him so I'll elaborate. When you're in a city full of strangers there aren't hugs, there are just handshakes or maybe a brushing of shoulders. But when you're surrounded by friends there are hugs, arms around each other's shoulders, guiding hands on each other's backs. This is a primordial comfort that I had never thought of until I was alone for the first time in my life.


smarta said...

I found this was one thing I sincerely missed when I was in the Peace Corps, too. Don't worry. New friends with hugs coming soon.

radams said...

thanks marta. i am sure they will, along with 1 nick miller en route from SF. yay!